For such an endearing wardrobe essential, here at Shoon, we find it amazing that so much of the market is dominated by cheap slippers made from even cheaper materials. Indeed, far from just looking suspect, many standard slippers picked up on the High Street don’t fit much better, either.

Shoon’s range of slippers, however, changes everything.

Sourced from some of the most unique brands around and crafted from only the very finest materials, our collection of slippers rethinks the concept of home comfort completely. Yet not only can you feel the difference within our slippers, but you can see it, too.

Who says slippers have to come in garish colours and novelty shapes and sizes? Aimed at the more sophisticated man, our collection embodies taste, design and innovation, leaving you looking as good as you feel.

With free delivery on selected orders, take a look at our range today and be sure to fall in love with slippers of a superior quality.

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  1. Romika Prasident 450



  2. Shepherd Bosse Full Double Gusset



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  3. Shepherd Bosse Full Double Gusset



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  4. Shepherd Hugo



  5. Nordikas Noble 633

    Navy Leather


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