Healthy Back Bag

Like many of the best ideas, the Healthy Back Bag® was inspired by necessity. Margery Gaffin was recovering from back surgery and found traditionally shaped bags and rucksacks uncomfortable.

She and her husband Irwin, a designer/leather craftsman since 1970, collaborated with a doctor and chiropractor to develop a one-strap bag that would be kind to the back, and the resulting Healthy Back Bag, the first of its kind to address weight-stress and health issues, was patented in the USA in 1995.

A two-strap rucksack, fitted and worn correctly, is acknowledged as the best way to carry weight on your back. However there is a great temptation to use only one strap – the worst thing you can do, as the weight pulls away from your body – and many people don’t like rucksacks, (for aesthetic), convenience or security reasons. A Healthy Back Bag is a onestrap alternative, comfortable, safe and secure (the main zip is always against your back) but accessible without taking the bag off, whichever way you wear it. The intelligent design also gives you the choice to carry your bag whichever way suits you best: on either shoulder, or across the back either way, and suits left-handed and right-handed people equally well.

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