Based in France down the Loire Valley and near the Atlantic, TBS brings a dash of Gallic style to the world of yachts and sailing.  Their performance boat shoes stand up to the rigours of ocean racing and the casual, canvas ranges we stock show the same attention to detail.  Just look at the leather footbeds and premium fabrics to see what we mean.

TBS colours are cheerful and easy to wear – almost as good as being on holiday. 

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  1. TBS Olanno


    £35.00 Now £19.99

  2. TBS Olanno


    £35.00 Now £15.00

  3. TBS Salvey

    Rouge Red

    £39.99 Now £19.99

  4. TBS Salvey

    Sable Beige Nubuck

    £39.99 Now £19.99

  5. TBS Smiths


    £39.99 Now £19.99

  6. TBS Smiths

    Ciment (Mid Grey)

    £39.99 Now £19.99