New Year Refresh: How To Keep Your Shoes Organised In 2019

If 2018 was the year you finally overdid it purchasing a few too many pairs of heels and ankle boots, the beginning of 2019 is the perfect time to learn how to organise your shoes. We at Shoon have come up with the definitive guide to help you organise your shoes, including shoe storage ideas and how to part with the ones you rarely wear. Follow our top tips below so you can finally tame your shoe collection.

How To Downsize Your Shoe Collection

We know parting with some of your shoe collection will be tough, but to better organise your shoes you first need to say goodbye to the ones you hardly wear.

Lay your entire shoe collection on the floor and pick out the ones you absolutely love and always enjoy wearing. Be honest with yourself; if all the other shoes on the floor have barely been worn, if they’re no longer to your taste or if they hurt to walk in, you need to let them go. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean throwing them away. We’ve put together some great ideas below to give your beloved shoes a new lease on life.


Sell Your Shoes Online

They might not be for you anymore, but someone somewhere would love to take home the shoes you’re parting with. There are many sites dedicated to selling secondhand items online, and phone apps such as Vinted and Depop have really opened up the marketplace for pre-owned clothing. Advertise your shoes for sale online, and you’ll soon find a good offer for them.


Upcycle Your Shoes

Some shoes are just too pretty to get rid of; we understand that. However, if you don’t want to use them as shoes, you can always use them for something else.

If you have some shelf room, pretty heels make great display pieces. After all, is anyone going to argue that high heels aren’t stunning works of art? You can also use them as unique bookends that will be the envy of librarians and fashionistas alike.


Donate Your Shoes To Charity

‘Tis the season of goodwill, and if you want to declutter your shoe collection with little fuss, you can always donate your shoes to charity — providing they’re still in good condition, of course.

Donating your shoes to charity is a wonderful way to help those less fortunate. The money charities make from selling your shoes will go to good causes, and it gives someone with a limited amount of money a chance to treat themselves without breaking the bank. You can do a whole world of good by donating your shoes, so make sure to check with your local charity to see if they’re happy to accept them.


How To Organise Your Shoes

Now that you’ve found new homes for the shoes you could part with, it’s time to organise the pairs you’ve held onto. Ways to do this include arranging them by style or colour, so let’s discuss how to best organise shoes in a way that benefits you.


Organise Your Shoes By Style

If you still have multiple pairs of every kind of shoe imaginable after your clear-out, it’s a good idea to arrange them by style so you can easily find the right pair for the right occasion. This way, you don’t have to root through a mountain of trainers and sandals to find shoes suitable for the office; they’re simply all in one easy-to-browse place.


Organise Your Shoes By Colour

Keeping your shoe collection organised by colour makes life so much easier when trying to find the right red heels to go with your red dress, or when searching for those fabulous tan ankle boots that pair up so well with your favourite jeans.

And colour coordinating your shoes does more than just keep them organised. It makes your collection look a lot prettier, as you can see the full spectrum of colours better than if they were all clustered together.


Shoe Storage Ideas

You’ve decluttered your shoe collection and you know how you want to arrange them, but you don’t want to fall back into bad habits by cramming your shoes back in the wardrobe or leaving them dotted around the hallway; you want to keep your shoe collection pristine. To help keep you on the footwear straight and narrow, we’ve suggested some of the best creative shoe storage ideas to stop your collection becoming untidy once more.


Box Them Up

Storing your shoes in boxes is a great way to keep your collection neat and organised, as you can stack a few boxes on top of one another to save room. For extra convenience, add a picture of the shoes inside to the front of the box so you know exactly what’s in each box without having to open them all up.


Get Your Foot On The Ladder

Using ladders has become one of the most popular shoe storage ideas in recent times. The rungs are ideal for hanging heels with the added bonus of taking up very little floor space.

You can also use the ladder to hang accessories, such as bags and scarfs, so you can coordinate your outfit and keep everything in one place for when everything is ready to be worn.


Use The Stairs

Another popular shoe storage idea finding its feet recently involves using the stairs as drawers. If you’re DIY handy (or if you know someone who is) there are guides online on how to convert your staircase into storage drawers. While your shoes may not be on show, stair drawers are excellent space savers and each step can still be used to organise your shoes by style or colour.


Now you have all the know-how to keep your shoes organised, there’s no need for your precious shoes to stay in cluttered heaps around the house. Got any more creative shoe storage ideas? Share them with us on our social media pages; we’re nosey like that.

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