June 2017


Expo Riva Schuh Footwear Exhibition 2017

The Expo Riva Schuh is one of today’s leading international footwear exhibitions and, for many buyers and companies, is not only the first, but the most important footwear event of the year. Here at Shoon, it is always a calendar date we look forward to! As well as giving us the chance to see all the forthcoming trends in the world of shoes, the exhibition allows us to discover new and exciting footwear gems from around the world. Companies flock from as far as India, China and Brazil to show off their unique... Read More


How to wear your new shoes with minimal discomfort

We’ve all owned a pair of shoes that have ripped our heels to shreds on the first couple of wears. Breaking in a new pair of shoes, we’ve slapped on the plasters and soldiered on. Apparently even the Queen hires someone to wear in her shoes around Buckingham Palace! At Shoon we do our best to bring you the most comfortable shoes from the most comfort conscious brands across Europe. Ditch the ‘new shoe hobble’ and step out with confidence wearing our comfortable women’s shoes & comfortable men’s shoes. Josef... Read More