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Easter escapes

Posted 27th March 2015 by Fiona

Easter escapes

Spring, in all its Technicolor glory is waking up the world outside, the birds are getting noisier, the hedgerows are bursting with colour and the fields are full of new born lambs jumping and bouncing about as if they were on a gigantic trampoline. Now the outdoors is officially declared open and soon with later opening hours (29th March) we will be able to enjoy it for even longer.  So where should we go first?

The coast, stretching, jutting and zig zagging for approximately 11,000 miles and interspersed with around 1000 Islands, there is a lot to explore for a nation of sea loving types. Whether it’s watching the cliffs get pounded by the Atlantic waves, or lazing peacefully in the dunes as the clouds float by above there is no shortage of things to do in, on and around our coastline.

The Hills and mountains in the British Isles are both dramatic to behold and rich in heritage and history.  From the famous crags and peaks of Northern England, Wales and Scotland to the softer slopes of England’s rolling hills or the volcanic ridges of the Welsh border. These are the perfect places to discover an ancient fort or battleground steeped in myth and legend.

The Moors are shrouded in mystery and magic but as the mists lift and the sun comes out the moorlands come alive with carpets of pink and purple heather stretching out as far as the eye can see. Tors that tower above the landscape look down on highland cattle, wild ponies and a most natural, rugged landscape. March is a good month for stargazing, head to Exmoor National park, the first designated Dark Skies reserve.

Riverbanks, the famous playground of Ratty, Moley, Toad and friends who created an idyllic setting perfect for messing about in boats, mouth-watering picnic feasts and wonderful adventures. A place where games are made from sticks (poo) and stones (skimmers) and footwear is thrown aside for paddling in the shallows.  Or perhaps a bit of wild swimming?

Woodlands are the place to go to hunt down a majestic ancient oak complete with gnarled trunk, mossy roots and twisted branches. Woody wonderlands are the place of Heroic outlaws, folklore and fairy tales ideal for a spot of den building, tree climbing and storytelling. A mecca for flora, fauna and haven for wildlife. 

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Bath in Fashion

Posted 24th March 2015 by Fiona


Love fashion? We do and this week sees the beautiful city of Bath light up with some of the World’s most stylish, most fashionable and most influential, all of whom have come to share their style secrets, talk about trends and tips and create an altogether very fashionable buzz around the city.

Bath Retail Photography

So if you are looking for some creative inspiration, wise and no doubt beautifully presented words as well as lovely things to make and do, then Bath is the place for you to see and be seen in this week.

Headline events include talks buy acclaimed designers, fashion critics and writers. You can feel part of the exclusive fashion set and get a taste for life in the fast lane at catwalk shows or take part in style workshops and visit engaging exhibitions.  It is a flamboyant feast of innovation and creativity for any fledgling fashionista in the making and the perfect opportunity to glean expert advice from those who have been there, seen it happen or made it happen.

Bath Retail Photography

And for anyone who loves fashion and shopping, what could possibly be better than a Big Fashion Night out? On March the 26th the gorgeous Georgian streets of Bath will be paved with style as “for one night only” some of the coolest, quirkiest and sort after shops will stay open late. Look out for the trend led trail map, an exclusive fashion edit of how and where to shop, interspersed with treats along the way.

Our Silvershoon store will be taking part in Bath Life's Fashion Night Out. From 6-8pm on Thursday 26th March, we will be offering 10% off all purchases and you can also enjoy a glass of bubbly while exploring our spring collection - Pop along, we'd love to see you.

Silvershoon, 11 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RG. Tel: 01225 469735

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Mother's Day - 3 ways with flowers

Posted 11th March 2015 by Fiona

Mothers Day

The Pretty Posy

The Pretty Posy
Sometimes seen as the humble sibling to the spectacular that is the blooming bouquet, the posy has an unassuming innocence that conjures up a warm and nostalgic feeling. It may be small and quiet but it is the randomness of the delicate and pretty blooms fresh from the garden, that give it its feminine charms, showcasing mother nature at her best.

The Perfect Card 

The Perfect card
To this day the written word has not lost its magic and although you can find plenty of handwritten ‘fonts’ there is nothing to match the authenticity of the real thing.   A note written by hand, no matter how short, has had time spent forming each individual curl and swirl, something personally forged  just for the recipient, it’s a little bit of someone that you can keep.

The Perfect Scatf

The perfect scarf
Flowers are one of the prettiest images to print on fabric; perhaps this is why the fashion designers love them so much. Be it bold and beautiful or delicate and ditsy once added to a large piece of diaphanous fabric, given a twist and a twirl you can create your own floating meadow.  Scarfs are one of the friendliest accessories this season, with ‘conversation prints’ a key trend you can pick a print to match your passions and past times and create a look that’s all your own.


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Decorating for spring; fashionable interiors

Posted 4th March 2015 by Fiona

Decorating for spring; fashionable interiors

We love a new trend and working them into our wardrobe is one thing but how about bringing some spring style into your home? With Christmas neatly packed away in the loft for next year, the soon to be ‘spring cleaned’ house will be crying out for a few touches of spring style. We decided to take three of our favourite trends and give you three ways to turn from fashionista to interiors queen quicker than you can say Christian Louboutin.

Decorating for spring; fashionable interiors

PASTEL HUES; A lick of paint goes along way when it comes to freshening up a dingy corner. Look for soft lemons, peppermint pistachios, pale pink and soft seas blues.  If pulling out the painting kit is a step too far, go for small accessories like picture frames and plant pots and replace your wintery soft furnishings with lighter colours.

70’s NOSTALGIA; From flares to furniture, Fashion lovers love a hero and this season is no exception as the sideboard swings back into style, a classic piece of storage heaven. We love the Danish influences on British furniture design, trawl the auction houses for your very own piece of G-plan, Nathan or Ercol.

FLORA&FAUNA; As bold blooms fill the catwalks, fill your window sills with spring flowers,  herbs and heathers. As we dive head long into the balmy summer days go for more tropical plants, adding pineapples and bowls of lemons for more of a Mardis Gras vibe. Frame vintage illustrations of birds and bees to create your own indoor Wildlife reserve.

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Q&A with Kevin, Menswear Buyer.

Posted 20th February 2015 by Fiona

Q&A with Kevin Menswear Buyer

 Introducing Kevin, one of our sartorial, ‘men about the office’ he talks about buying, driving trains and his favourite shoes. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about what you do?
My role at Shoon is to find the best product for our customer, giving him comfort, style and value for money. To do this I review the trends for the season and then once it has been decided on the type of product which is relevant I visit suppliers and trade fairs to source the right styles.

Q: Where has your career led you before Shoon?
My career started in the footwear trade working on the shop floor selling shoes, followed by managing stores all for a small independent retailer. The company was sold to a national shoe company at which point I joined their buying and merchandising team.

Q: What’s the best bit about your job?
Being shown hundreds of shoes each season and then selecting a few….the stock arriving in store and watching each line sell. It is a great feeling when your months of work relates to happy customers and sales through the till.

Q: What do you find the most challenging?
Not buying too much! Another part of my role in Shoon is to put controls in place so we do not buy too much stock, this does mean I am in conflict with myself as my buying head just wants to get more lines into the business.

Q: What did you want to be when you were little?
Train driver of course! In my later school years I did want to be an architect.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration?
Magazines, Catwalk shows, listening to our managers for customer feedback, and time spent outside coffee shops watching people as they go buy

Q: What can we expect from the Shoon men’s collection this Spring and Summer?
We are launching a range of Shoon branded product, some classics but also a few styles with a great fashion twist.

Q: What will be top of your shoe shopping wish list from the new range?  
Shoon Greenwich in burgundy…it will be arriving early March 2015…not soon enough! 

&A with Kevin, Menswear buyer.

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