Thierry Rabotin

Cashmere for Feet!

The success of Thierry Rabotin's shoes is perfectly illustrated in one of his phrases:

"I like to design shoes that envelop the feet giving the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot."

Thierry was born in South Western France and moved to Paris to study at a prestigious fashion school. Fascinated by this world he decided to dedicate himself to fashion design.  In following this path, Thierry discovered his passion for shoes and took a footwear designing course where he learnt to construct as well as to design shoes. His methods balance artisan working procedures and technology.  His shoes are among the most beautiful and original that one can see and at the same time the most comfortable that one can wear.

Thierry Rabotin shoes are made outside Milan using a unique ‘Sacchetto’ construction.  During the sewing stage, the leather lining takes the place of the usual innersole and is stitched to create a ‘sac’.  This process differs from usual shoemaking because it does not use an insole, a metal reinforcement or thermoplastic glue. The shoe becomes lighter and allows the foot to move naturally.  The lining, for which only the best nappa leather is used, is attached in two stages to the upper, retaining the softness and breathability of the upper.  Only water soluble glues are used.  A shock absorbing breathable material is inserted between the sole and the lining to provide long-lasting shock-absorption all along the foot.

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